Exclusive distributors SpineMed® in Spain

SpineMed technology is the most advanced market in the field of axial decompression

Vertebral axial decompression is the result of years of study. Technological advances approved by FDA and EEC applied to medicine, have opened us a new approach to deal with Herniated discs single or multiple, with or without the disks, nerve entrapments, facet syndrome, the protrusions, the discoartrosis degenerate, lumbago, the failures of disc surgery and non-progressive neurological deficits. We can prevent a large number of spine surgery with an effective and safe treatment without the risks associated with drugs, surgery, injections or anesthesia. SpineMED results are not comparable to anything else of not surgical decompression, since it has all the technology developed over the past 15 years, making the most reliable, least aggressive SpineMED, more precisely and inarguably more comfortable, safe and painless.